About This Website


"It is the law of love that rules mankind, if the violence, i.e., the hatred, had governed; it would have long since disappeared" (Gandhi).

This site is dedicated to promote an unprecedented legal, objective, and impartial fight, for a final resolution to the "Armenian case"...

Similarly, it intends to publish all the legal ideas, as well as my own proposed solution dedicated to the "Armenian question", and all studied in my book entitled "The legal effects of the massacres committed against the Armenians in 1915 and their judicial and extrajudicial possible resolutions modes" (Legal Editions SADER); this book, which is in reference to my Thesis defended at the University Jean Moulin - Lyon 3 - France, this PhD, which is the first ever to be achieved in an academic setting and to be focused on the Armenian genocide and specifically on legal point of view.

The proposed solution, developed in my book, is based on two ideas: RECOGNITION/FORGIVENESS. In order to accomplish that target, this site will be a space dedicated to all the arguments, all the new ideas, and all the criticism concerning the "Armenian case", the legal realities, the content of my book, as well as to discuss various issues related to the Armenian Genocide.

In fact, what we are lacking is not the history of the Genocide which we all know, not nostalgia and the emotional side of this tragic crime or the propaganda which we respect deeply! No! It is the existence of scientific experts’ people and legal specialists and researchers who can really run an effective and scientific struggle, in order to solve the "Armenian case" and claim the rights of all the Armenians around the world.

It is true that 17 May 2013 was my book’s signature ceremony, but in reality, it was the beginning of a new era in the fight to solve the "Armenian case" by legal means and push Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide and apologize, on the basis of at least a moral responsibility towards the Armenian people, the successors of the martyrs, the international justice, the human dignity and towards our dear martyrs.